Sunday, July 24, 2016

Greetings internet!

I know it been awhile since my last update,and I miss writing for you all,but since it's summer now, I am finally back now-hurray! 

many of you don't know,but I like to write some poetry from time to time and for today's post I'd like to share one with you. 

the story behind this piece is simple. I was riding the subway where a toddler sitting across from me brought a thought to my attention. the toddler seemed so happy and always smiled. must be a happy child... then I realized that we as adults can be as that toddler as well,and that's where thoughts led to words on this paper you are about to read next. 

"The color of peace" 

A child always sees the world in a huge smile and bright colors so why can't we as adults do the same?
Why is it so easy for a child to smile at strangers and not care what the world thinks of them while we adults try to fit into the crowd we don't usually belong to?
No matter what time of the day it is,no matter what age they are,when you look into a child's eyes you see pure happiness.
Why's that?
What makes the child so different than adults? What are we lacking as adults that the child sees with full color?
The answer is simple.
The child sees the world in the present moment of time.  He or she doesn't look at the future,doesn't look to the past,they simply embrace the moment they have now.
They rely on their parents that will take care of them. 
They know their parents will be there for them even when they are not on their best behavior. 
No matter how many mistakes they have done,they know they are always forgiven.
Why's that? Because they simply trust them. 
They trust everything will always be ok even at the most darkest times in their lives.
We too as adults are like children to Hashem.
He's our creator,our king,our father.
He knows you inside out. He knows every single thing you will think,say and do. 
He planned everything out for you even before you were born.
So why take the time to worry,where everything Just lies there ahead of you.
All we gotta do is Trust Him that everything will be ok,and you will see how things will be way simpler then they already are. 
You will be able to enjoy the world in brighter colors,and smile at strangers you don't even know like the young children do every single day.

Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. I guess it's more of a poem without a rhyme or just my thoughts on a piece of paper. either way, my intentions  were for people to get inspired and enjoy the read :) 

Until next time! 

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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Health and fitness!

Greetings Internet!

Just a quick post giving you some strength and courage to get back on your feet again if you feel overwhelmed at this point in your life.

whether you are a high school student or college one, at this point in the semester you are either finishing off your finals  or making huge decisions with your life and deciding which college to apply to for the coming year of 2016.

whatever the case is, here is a quick friendly reminder for you.

 Don't overload yourself and stay active.

regardless of what you are busy with, like  submitting your research papers before the deadline, studying last minute,  or  filling out a college application, we can't forget to take the time "to breathe".

Yes, we are busy people, and time is very limited, but we can't "harm" ourselves.

when was the last time you ate a home cooked meal? drank 8 cups of water?  gone outside for fresh air?
( and no, walking from your car to the building doesn't count.)
Or had a normal 8 hour sleep cycle?

Being "Busy" does not mean being "active" by the way.

Did you know you need about 10 thousand steps a day to be considered active?

Start by tracking your steps.

The best solution for tracking your steps is buying a Fitbit.
if you're just starting out, or on a budget, then getting the Free Pacer app on the app store is a great start for you.
  the only thing that people might complain about the app is that it tracks all your movements. for example, if you shake the app, its gonna add up the points.

personally, I don't find that being a problem for me, because it doesn't hurt to make a few extra steps.

so find what works for you. make a schedule, do what you need to do, but at the end of the day make sure you maintain your healthy lifestyle.

Before I end today's blog, here's a Challenge for this week. hope you join.

1) download the Pacer app on the app store.
2) make an account, you can sign in via facebook if its more convenient for you.
3) now click on the "Groups" tab.
4) at this point you should have a "PacerID"
5) add friends by typing their PacerID. my PacerID is R16291996 add me so that we can compete.
6) comment your PacerID below so that the other readers on this blog can add you too.

lets do this. who's gonna join me?
 Have a great rest of the day!
see you next time!

Friday, December 18, 2015


Welcome to my blog!

This is a bit new to me and it's just a rough introduction on what this blog will be about.
 I just want to try something new so hope you stay with me on this one, and stick around. 

This blog will be mainly about short topics that we tend to forget about on daily basis.

Topics that I got so far:

•Inspirational insights
•Health & fitness 
• Q and A's 
• collabs
• traveling ideas
And many more fun stuff that we will see over time.

As of now, I plan on posting once a month. 

I'm always open for new topic suggestions, so if by any point of this blog, you feel you wanna contribute a topic, feel free to contact me and I'll make it happen.

And that is a wrap! 
Stay tuned for the first blog post coming this Sunday on the 20th of December at 10 am Eastern time! 

See you soon and looking forward!