Sunday, December 20, 2015

Health and fitness!

Greetings Internet!

Just a quick post giving you some strength and courage to get back on your feet again if you feel overwhelmed at this point in your life.

whether you are a high school student or college one, at this point in the semester you are either finishing off your finals  or making huge decisions with your life and deciding which college to apply to for the coming year of 2016.

whatever the case is, here is a quick friendly reminder for you.

 Don't overload yourself and stay active.

regardless of what you are busy with, like  submitting your research papers before the deadline, studying last minute,  or  filling out a college application, we can't forget to take the time "to breathe".

Yes, we are busy people, and time is very limited, but we can't "harm" ourselves.

when was the last time you ate a home cooked meal? drank 8 cups of water?  gone outside for fresh air?
( and no, walking from your car to the building doesn't count.)
Or had a normal 8 hour sleep cycle?

Being "Busy" does not mean being "active" by the way.

Did you know you need about 10 thousand steps a day to be considered active?

Start by tracking your steps.

The best solution for tracking your steps is buying a Fitbit.
if you're just starting out, or on a budget, then getting the Free Pacer app on the app store is a great start for you.
  the only thing that people might complain about the app is that it tracks all your movements. for example, if you shake the app, its gonna add up the points.

personally, I don't find that being a problem for me, because it doesn't hurt to make a few extra steps.

so find what works for you. make a schedule, do what you need to do, but at the end of the day make sure you maintain your healthy lifestyle.

Before I end today's blog, here's a Challenge for this week. hope you join.

1) download the Pacer app on the app store.
2) make an account, you can sign in via facebook if its more convenient for you.
3) now click on the "Groups" tab.
4) at this point you should have a "PacerID"
5) add friends by typing their PacerID. my PacerID is R16291996 add me so that we can compete.
6) comment your PacerID below so that the other readers on this blog can add you too.

lets do this. who's gonna join me?
 Have a great rest of the day!
see you next time!

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